The two best reasons to buy a loan

It is good to be aware that the time is right now to borrow money. Credit is useful, and even cheap now. In a 10-year perspective, we’re not talking about credit rates above 10%, but below 3%. That is why we are talking to those who have borrowed more expensive in the past: It is time to act!


Paying off a loan is easier than paying more

Paying off a loan is easier than paying more

There are many of us who, at the beginning of the month, when it comes to paying quickly write down a list of where to pay. We are the first to pay out our various loans, which are not the first to be paid. Personal loan , mortgage, mortgage, credit card… Once upon a time, paying half is always trickier.
That is why it is worthwhile combining these loans together and simplifying our finances with a single loan repayment . For this type of loan redemption, it is worth paying attention (relative maceration) that you need to obtain the documents for the completion of each loan you are redeeming and send it to the excellent bank.


Because we make credit cheaper

Because we make credit cheaper

Maybe this should have been the start. ? In the case of a loan redemption, the most important thing is to come out cheaper than before. Let’s count a bit! Suppose we took out a loan with an interest rate of 11% in 2010, at HUF 15 million. It costs $ 116,295 a month. Since then 8 years have passed, so our capital debt is about 11,358,572 HUF. If we redeem this loan now, we’ll only have to pay you $ 91,278 per month for the remaining 12 years, based on your calculator . This gives you an extra 25 thousand forints per month, which is 12 * 12 * 25 thousand = 3.6 million for 12 years.

So by the end of this article, it is clear to everyone that it is really worthwhile to deal with a loan change at this time. The low interest rate environment does not last forever, so it is worth taking the time to get yourself some extra cash. Contact us! Our experts make sure you keep as much money in your pocket as possible.


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