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By reading this article you will obtain the necessary knowledge to request microcredits feeling more informed. The final decision should be the result of the following analysis. When we are choosing between several microloans, personal loans or payroll loans we must be able to compare all the benefits, processes, risks and commitments that we would be signing.


Look at the product

credit loan

There are different products on the market: credit cards, express loans, mortgage loans, car loans, loans for large, medium and small companies, factoring, personal loans or microloans , credits specialized in absorbing your debts, etc. Each of these products has its own characteristics, so it is important that you analyze what type of product you are looking for. If you’re looking for microloans DN Credit is your place.


Check the requirements of our microloans

loan requirements

Once you have chosen the product, review the requirements that are requested to receive the microloans you need with that institution. Here we enter a somewhat diffuse part. Some institutions are not entirely clear on the requirements that they ask you to grant the immediate loan and end up investing unsuccessfully several hours of your life in something that will not get you anywhere. Because of the characteristics of the microloans , these are the ones that require the least requirements. They are usually smaller amounts and do not require strange documents. In DN Credit we do not even ask you what you’re going to use the money for; We rely entirely on your word and on that we make the decision to give you microloans .


Payment facilities of our microcredits

Of course we will lend you money, but you will also have to pay it back in a certain way and on certain dates. It is very important that you know the ways you will be paying your microcredits , only then you will have the peace of mind of being compliant with your responsibilities. I give you some examples, some companies direct your payments, or you can pay at an OXXO or any convenience store; you can make an interbank transfer, etc.

There are many options to pay your microcredit , analyze what is most comfortable with you and make your decision.


The cost of microcredits

Payment facilities of our microcredits

Another decisive factor is the cost you will pay to obtain the microloans . And not only must see the interest rate. Check the CAT (total annual cost) that includes the commissions, some insurance that is charged, the interest rate, service cost, commission for opening, among other things. Get some accounts. At DN Credit we like to be transparent and we offer you a calculator so you can see this cost before making your request.

Once you have answered all these questions you will be more than ready to apply for your microloans . Of course, there will always be particular topics that you will have to do directly with the institution with which you are trying to apply for your microloans . Never hesitate to ask us any questions you have. The most important thing is that you make the right decision and that you feel calm. When it comes to your portfolio, you should not make decisions lightly.


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