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Most of the people who are buying a second-hand home like the one we wrote a few months ago are claiming a family home improvement discount. According to financial institutions, the average loan amount is between 5-10 million forints, and banks are expecting further expansion in the second half of the year.

Claimants are using the subsidy for buying a used home

About 60% of the claimants are using the subsidy for buying a used home, about 35% for building, slightly more than 2% for buying a new home and finally 3% for expansion, E-Money Bank said. Then three quarters of the applicants take out the CSOK with the loan, whether it is interest-subsidized or market-based. At the same time, fewer people have applied for VAT refunds with CSOK or on their own.
Statistics show that an average of HUF 8.45 million is required for a home loan with CSOK, while an average of HUF 9.44 million is required for a market-rate loan.

The concrete figures were as follows


459 applied for the 10 + 10 million HUF construction and 570 applied for a VAT refund. According to the purpose of the application, the breakdown is as follows: more than 66% for the purchase of a used home, more than 20% for the construction of a family house, the bank informed.

The average loan amount requested by MKB Bank is close to HUF 10 million. Half of the CSOK claimants would apply for support for the construction and the other half would buy the used housing out of a total of 400 CSOK applicants. So far, 130 have applied for VAT refunds and 100 have applied for subsidized loans.

The disbursement of mortgage loans 


There was a significant increase in the disbursement of mortgage loans at Goodbank. In their opinion, customers are much more secure in borrowing than in previous years. This is due, on the one hand, to the opportunities offered by the subsidy system, to low interest rates and, on the other hand, to the increase in real wages.

In connection with CSOK, the bank has announced that several billion HUF has been applied for so far, of which more than half of the clients use the CSOK to buy a used home. Another important information is that about half of the applicants also need credit.


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