“access to credit is simple, fast and agile”

At LPD, we care about the development of Mexican companies, so we connect with entrepreneurs who seek to innovate in their companies. We connect SMEs in Mexico with people who want to invest in the country.

We have met companies like Green Republic, which markets technology for solar energy and Flores and Ointments, dedicated to producing natural ointments.

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The wealth of Mexico is in the creativity of its entrepreneurs.

Meet José Antonio Barrera Cruz, General Manager of de Fartes, a bakery company, his specialty is traditional Fartes bread, a classic taste of southeastern Mexico. will use the LPD loan for raw materials and take advantage of better prices for prepayments.

“In less than 48 hours LPD, it makes the evaluation and gives you a proposal according to your reality. They tell you how much they can lend you and at what time it suits you. Everything is via email and WhatsApp, you just have to say; “Yes” or “no” to the proposals. That’s how they get on the platform and people participate funding your loan. ”

At LPD, we know that the participation of people in SMEs is an incentive for entrepreneurs, especially when the company is funded in a short time, as in the case of , granting a 15% return to 176 fundraisers.

“According to my experience with LPD, I recommend this new financial platform 100% … The platform is there to make us grow.”

The procedure to apply for a loan in LPD is practical, because we know that the time for entrepreneurs is worth a lot, our processes are high speed, requesting your credit is very simple, view and you will be surprised at how quickly of our response.

“LPD is something new that has benefits with a really low rate, it has been good for Fartes and we are very happy to inject innovation into our company with these types of loans.”

money save

Do you have the concern of investing in a company like ? Would you like to promote the growth of SMEs in Mexico and win by being part of development? Register today at LPD , be part of the community and meet the companies that participate in our auction market today.



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